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The Vino Nobile di Montepulciano production zone is the hilly part of the Commune of Montepulciano, situated at an elevation of 605 meters and covering an area of 165 square kilometers, excluding the flat strip of the Val di Chiana.

The soil is generally of medium consistency, and is composed mainly of clays, sands, and fairly loose sandy clays, with lens-shaped pockets of pebbles and the presence of fossils from the Tertiary period of the Middle-Lower Pliocene.

The area specifically suited for growing grapes is limited to a portion falling between 250 and 600 meters elevation. For the most part the vineyards have an eastern exposure.

The average annual precipitation is around 740 mm, with rainfall being concentrated in the October-December and March-June periods, and the average temperature is about 14°C.


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